You are missing out on 20% of your target audience if your website isn't ADA-compliant. Make your website accessible to disabled users today.

Become ADA (WCAG) compliant. Increase lead-generation & sales of any website, eCom shop or Facebook page

The Supreme Court ruled all websites in the US to be accessible to everyone under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s easy plus affordable with Umbrella Local’s leading accessibility solutions.

Nearly 20% of the US Internet users are disabled

A U.S. Census Bureau report indicates that nearly 51 million people in the US aged 15 and older are subject to a disability.

19.9 million face a difficult time lifting and grasping, which makes them unable to use mouse or keyboard; whereas 8.1 million face a visual disability; some use a screen reader or a screen magnifier, some are subject to color blindness.

The same report indicates that about 7.6 million people have a hearing disability; they rely on captions and/or transcripts for audio and video media.

By making your website's digital content accessible, your organization can reach out to more consumers, boost customer satisfaction rate, and stand out from the competitors, the ones who aren't ADA-compliant.

Umbrella Local Offers $1M Compliance Warranty

We offer numerous tiers of accessibility service.

From a simple one-line widget that'll improve your website accessibility to on-site accessibility to full-website audit, we will help you make your website ADA-compliant.

We believe in our top-class service so much that we offer a massive $1M Warranty if you get sued for not being accessible.

Text Reader Feature

With text reader, you can address users who face a hard time reading different textual content(s) and the ones with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). 

With using text reader, the users hold the ability to with the help of a keyboard and/ or mouse. Plus, the user has complete control of the reading rate as well as sound pitch of the reader widget.

Keyboard Navigation

Many people with motor disabilities find it difficult to use a mouse; and visual impaired or blind users utilize keyboard navigation routinely.

The Keyboard Navigation function meets the standard WCAG 2.0 requirements and delivers complete accessibility, enabling the users to navigate through the pages with the help of keyboard itself.

Blinks Blocking

For the ones prone to caused by flickering, strobing, or flashing effects and users with learning disabilities, this feature has been built specially for you.

The Blinks Blocking tool eliminates any or all graphics, marquees, news-tickers, galleries, auto-play, and other animations which may result in distraction or lead to a photo-epileptic seizure.

Monochrome, Bright 

High Contrast, Dark High Contrast

This tool provides 3 different contrast display options enabling the changing the background color and text such that users with visual disability can easily read it.

Image Descriptions

It's no secret that graphics and images make the content easier to read and understand. In accordance to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, all non-textual content must have a text alternative, providing a similar meaning as the image. 

Our image description tool follows the section 1.4.5 of the WCAG Success criterion to ensure that image info is being displayed effectively and the intended meaning or concept of the image is made clear to the everyone.

Different functionalities to improve usability for low-vision users include: a large black cursor, large white cursor, header highlighters and links.

Accessibility Toolbar & Additional Functions

Decrease Font Size, Increase Font Size, Readable Font.

With this tool, people with low visual impairments can easily increase or decrease the text size or select a basic, easily-readable, simple, font without compromising the functionality and readibility.

WCAG 2.0 level AAA solution

This suite of all packaged in one easy-to-install widget accessibility tools meets the WCAG 2.0 specified conformance level “Triple – A” guidelines.

Pricing & FAQ

How quick can you improve review ranking?

Let's say you begin with a 3-star ranking, and if we assume that you have several clients, then we can achieve a 4-star ranking within 2 months.

What's the optimal ranking average?

Research indicates that 4.2-4.5 review ranking will help you leave a great impression in front of your audience and convert your leads into sales in a much efficient manner. 

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